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Facelift is one of the most common marks of aging. This thing is suffered by both men and women. It is seen that after a certain age the lumps of certain areas of the face start descending. Marks of aging is pointed by the change in the position of anatomical structures mainly cheek fat, platysma muscle or may be orbicularis oculi muscle. Change in these three things may lead to a broken jaw line, descending of cheek fat and more signs of aging. One obvious solution is surgery. But as the victims of this particular aging problems are mainly people of fifty or earlier they don’t actually prefer going under knives. They rather choose methods which are non-surgical. Because of the age problem their target is facelift without surgery.


For middle aged people Dr. Stephen Mulholland has invented a facial which is known as Mulholland facial. It helps the rejuvenation procedure which is needed for the face-lifting purpose. This facial is best known for the combination of medical fillers which helps the rejuvenation process. The best part of this facial is, it just takes thirty minutes. This facial targets some major signs of aging. The first thing that is remarkable in the case of aging is losing volume or shine in the face. The next sign of aging is the area of eye brows. Mulholland facial tries to increase the volume of face and it smoothens the area of eye brows. Then it also works in the areas of cheek bone, around the mouth and in the back of the jaw. According to Dr. Stephen Mulholland this facial tries to use the soft tissues to recreate the smoothness of youth. So it is seen that this facial targets the basic problems of aging. And if you be cautions of your signs of aging at the early age you don’t have to let knives work on your face. So this is one great method of facelift without surgery.

In the case of non-surgical facelift Botox therapy is also used. This therapy is basically used for the ascending of muscles. Like, blepharospasm is used for the closure line of the eyelids/eye brows. Hemifacial is used for the face muscle contraction. So Botox therapy is used for the wrinkles and descending muscles of the jaw. This Botox therapy can be another method used for facelift without surgery as you don’t have to go under any knives rather you have to take few injections.

There are also lotions and creams for facelift. But doctors do not suggest it, as those creams and lotions are full of moisturizers which just help to hydrate skin. According to them food charts which include oily foods can do the same thing as those creams and lotions.

In some cases doctors advices laser treatments which includes resurfacing or treatment like soft tissue fillers. If you are afraid of going under knives laser treatment can be a better option than any of those creams.